The pandemic that began in 2019 from the worldwide virus COVID-19 was something no one saw coming, and we will be seeing its aftermath for years to come. When the stay-at-home orders hit, no one had any choice but to remain safe in their homes hoping and praying for a cure. While this does mean we are spending much time away from our friends and loved ones, it doesn't mean we can't still create beautiful work from home, right?

So many photographers will say you need certain gear or presets and all kinds of other things to make great photos, but that's simply not true. No matter where you are or what you have to photograph with, you can always take great shots if you have the right knowledge. One of my favorite things about photography is the fact that it is simply an art no matter how you look at it, and like any other artwork, it's the feeling the work creates that matters most and never just how it looks. 

So I challenge you to take this time to find what inspires you, wherever you are, and create something amazing! Stay safe out there.

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