The Professional's Portrait
Your image matters. It's time for a headshot that sets you apart.

For his headshot clientele, Austin offers a session that is designed to get the widest range of shots for you to use for your personal brand. He shoots all his headshots from above the chest and concentrates on coaching you to produce a number of different facial expressions that capture your unique personality. He highly recommends multiple changes and to over-pack if possible. He always says "If it’s not there he can’t shoot it! Plus, having a wider range of clothing options allows for more variation within your session." He spends whatever time he needs to make sure you are happy with the outcome of your session.
in-Studio or On-LOCATION
Quick, Painless, & Organized
Our Headshots Include:

A 15-minute phone consultation & 30-minute session
Wardrobe & session prep guides
Hair and makeup option
Lighting (Indoors or out)
On-site review & reshoot process
Posing & grouping direction
Individual & group accommodations
Plus a Smart Online Gallery & Print Store
I've partnered with a lab that has been providing the highest quality prints, mounting, and photo finishing services for nearly 45 years! If you're putting your best foot forward with an awesome professional photo - why not seal the deal with high-quality business cards, thank you cards, or other marketing pieces that stand out, featuring your updated headshot?