Camera Bag

One of my favorite pieces alone has to be my camera bag itself. This bag has so many features and compartments it makes traveling with my gear super convenient!
On the outside, it has a handle and wheels for carrying like a suitcase as well as backpack straps to wear the bag on your back! It also comes with two great places to store your tripods on each side. On the inside, there's a zippered net to hold all your gear in place and plenty of velcro customizable space! A must-have bag in my opinion.
This is my main tripod and it is absolutely amazing! The main reason I bought it was that I wanted something with more weight to it. After buying my canon 5DSR camera I needed a tripod that was going to be heavier and hold the camera even in high wind conditions. This tripod fit the bill and then some
 It's extremely tall and surprised me with its height after I first opened it all the way. Plus the head is just superb with the twisting lock and fluid motion ball head, plus the color is super pretty!!!

Large Tripod

Small Tripod

This little guy was a gift to me and sometimes follows along when using smaller cameras. It's lightweight and goes very low to the ground if need be. It's also got some pretty neat accessories allowing you to shoot at a 90-degree angle up or down as well as the most necessary leg warmers. I've included some of the accessories for it here too:

Additional Feet

Ground Level Adapter

Tilting Column Adapter

Leg Warmers

Honestly, some of my favorite lenses actually come from Tamron. One of my favorites to use on most shoots is the 24 to 70 lens I keep in my bag. I also have a 70 to 200 for longer focal length needs and as always with lenses come in the filters which I've listed below the ones that I carry with me everywhere I go.

Tamron 24-70mm f2.8

Circular Polarizer

Bluetooth tethering

During some of my shoots, I like to add a little bit of motion or capture images in hard-to-view angles or places. This is where Bluetooth tethering and motion devices come into play!
My favorite company for this is Alpine labs. Using their Pulse device you can control your camera's exposure and take images remotely using the smartphone app. It will even send you an image preview as well as a histogram of the exposure right to your mobile device.
The Radian 2 allows me to select the angle degree as well as the speed I want to rotate the camera which comes in handy during time lapses. In contrast to that, the Vixen Polarie when lined up correctly matches the rotation of the earth precisely creating either beautiful point star images or amazing astronomical time lapses.

Radian 2 Motion Device

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